Day 2 & 3

OK, this is tough. And not tough in the way that I’m hungry and just thinking about food all the time, but this is uncomfortable. I have a low grade headache, I am exhausted (more than usual), cranky, and overall not myself. Emotions and thoughts are coming up that are difficult and pivotal. My willpower is being tested. And all I can think is that alcohol, sugar, and processed foods are one hell of a drug!

I really want to stop what I’m doing…there’s a little voice that keeps whispering this isn’t even about losing weight, so what’s the point. And even if it was, you’re not an actress/model/public figure that needs to look a certain way to impress your audience. Have a snack, you’ll feel so much better – your headache will be gone, you’ll have some energy, and you’ll be happier. While all of this is probably true, I know that 30 days of saying no is about something much greater. It builds your willpower and confidence (do you know how empowering it feels to say no thank you to an amazing decadent dessert?), it shows how good you can feel (and better) with healthy food, and releases unwanted/negative energy.

The most unexpected thing about this detox is the emotions I am having. While the body is cleansing, the mind wants to join the party and release shiz too. It’s a free-for-all over here! Unfortunately my two boys, whom I spend all day with, have been dealing with a grumpy, sleepy mama and I feel awful. However, I know this will pass and I will be a greater version of myself with loads of energy.

On a plus note, I drank all my water today! Woohoo!

xo, jessica

the best part of my day

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