Happy Place

It’s been almost 1 week on the Detox and I’m so proud of myself. Yes, I’ve been craving a beer…every nite and my ego keeps asking me why the hell I am doing this, but I haven’t given in. 🙂

Today is Farmer’s Market day – my fav market by the Marina in Long Beach. There are some amazing vendors with interesting items – unique dalias, barhi dates, honeynut squash, huge heirloom tomatoes of different flavors, sunchokes, microgreens – and so much more.

This is my happy place. I love talking to the growers to learn about new foods and how to use them; running into old and new friends with a quick catch-up; and seeing all the bright colors of the produce. The Farmer’s Market, especially the Marina Market, is a magical place for me. I leave here with my cup filled and overflowing with joy. Maybe this explains my passion for food; there really is so much more to it than just throwing some ingredients in a pot, bringing to a boil, then eating. There’s a story behind all of it to be enjoyed with the food…and I love a good story.


baby eucalyptus

I even picked up some beautiful baby eucalyptus today. I’ve never seen it before and it is so dainty with a light, clean eucalyptus smell. I got a huge bundle, which is now dispersed in small bottles and jars all over the house. Eucalyptus is a great air purifier with it’s anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties; which is ironic because there was a time when I was allergic to it. Passing by a tree on the sidewalk would cause an asthma attack, but after doing the 30 Day Detox the first time 2 years ago and keeping the inflammatory foods out has caused my allergies (including asthma) to leave and now I love having eucalyptus around.

After the market is when I prepare meals for my clients so that I can get them the freshest ingredients. All the food I prepare falls in line with the 30 Day Detox (which is really convenient right now since I am constantly tasting along the way to adjust any flavors). I love that I get to provide healthy meals made with fresh ingredients to my clients. It’s the final part of my joy-filled day. By the end of the day, I am tired, but happy knowing I’m providing others good food.

Having so much to do in 1 day – shopping, cooking, delivering meals means there is a good amount of distraction so that I don’t have to think about what I am not eating; however I noticed that I didn’t drink enough water. When I’m cooking, I am “in the zone” – focused on the task at hand, so I got really behind in my water intake. I think I was able to get through almost 2 bottles which is not close enough to the 3 I would’ve preferred. Gives me something to work on tomorrow. 🙂

xo, Jessica

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