Veggie Oatmeal

All this rainy, cold weather has resulted in some serious nesting over here, complete with warming, filling breakfasts. This morning I raided my produce drawer in the fridge to get rid of the odds and ends before the farmer’s market tonite, and in the process came up with this delicious oatmeal for the boys and I.

It’s loaded with veggies for a delicious, savory taste. To be honest, my 4-year old whined and complained the whole time I was making it, wailing louder with each veggie added to the skillet. I heard a lot of “I don’t like that”, “that’s going to be gross”, and ” NOOOOOO!” But veggies can be delicious if done right and so I pressed on.

Veggie Oatmeal
so savory & delicious

I’m happy to report this came out fantastic, like a creamy risotto with so much flavor! One of the reasons I love using homemade veggie broth. And yes, my 4-year old LOVED it! Mama only makes yummy food. 😉

Because this was so tasty and easy, I thought it was a good one for all you busy people – parents or not – that just want a quick, healthy meal. This one works for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and can easily be modified to suit your tastes. Remember, recipes are just guidelines, so experiment and taste along the way till you get something you love! Let me know how you like this one.

Veggie Oatmeal

  • Servings: 2-3
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

green onions – 3, sliced
red bell pepper – ½, diced
shiitake mushrooms – 4-5 whole shrooms, sliced
zucchini – ¼ cup, diced
fresh thyme – 1 – 2 sprigs
heirloom cherry tomatoes – ¼ cup, quartered
baby kale/chard/spinach blend – ¼ cup ( I use the TJ’s blend, but you can use one of the greens)
fresh english peas – ½ cup

regular Oats – 1 cup
veggie broth – 2 cups
miso – 1 tsp
vegan cheese shredded (that will melt) – ¼ cup (I like to use Daiya)
salt&peps – to taste

noochie sauce
sliced green onions

cast iron skillet
lid that fits skillet
wooden spoon

Heat skillet to medium heat. Add about ¼ cup veggie broth to pan. Stir in most of the green onions (saving about 1 Tbsp for garnish), red bell pepper, and miso. Sauté until peppers and onions are softened, then add shiitakes, zucchini, thyme, and salt&peps. Sauté about 2-3 minutes more, then add tomatoes, oatmeal, and about 1 cup of veggie broth. Stir together well to combine. Turn to low and let simmer, while stirring continually for about 5 minutes. Add remaining broth, english peas, and baby greens. Stir well and cover with lid. Let simmer for about 10 minutes more and check. Add more broth if necessary. Oatmeal is done when creamy and all liquid has been absorbed. Turn off heat and remove thyme stems. Stir in vegan cheese until melted through. Serve in bowls, add toppings. Enjoy!

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